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color krylx collection

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collection of 84 colored 'krylx powders 

7 pink 'krylx box sets total: each box holds 12 one ounce jars

Shades include:
Boysenberry; Merlot; Brick; Candy Apple; Lava; Fireball; Guava; Peachy; Orange sherbet; Mango; Crush; Curry; Honey mustard; Sunflower; Banana; Squirt; Key lime; Lucky; Limewire; Reptar; Pickle; Lily pad; Pine; Clover; Fiona; Sweet pea; Pistachio; Cucumber melon; Spearmint; Mint; Aqua; Deep teal; Midnight; Kobalt; Malibu; Indigo; Fiji; Sky; Karolina; Cloudy; Periwinkle; Lilac; Gelato; Iris; Jelly; Smirk; Luna; Amethyst; Royal purple; Kylie; Watermelon; Tickled pink; Barbie; Flamingo; Concrete; Sandcastle; Gingerbread; Taupe; Sienna; Macchiato; Brown sugar; Cocoa; Dark chocolate; Espresso; Fudge; Jet black; Cream puff; Wasabi; Lush lavender; Easter pink; Lemon custard; Baby bleu; Russian cream; Jam; Moonrock; Buttercream; Bare; Horchata; Mauve; Melt; Pretty Pink; Off-White; Sugar Cookie; Tanlines